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    Banana Pi BPI-A-003 GPIO expansion board T-type

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    Banana Pi BPI-A-003 GPIO expansion board T-type

    This module is designed specifically for converting the GPIO electric level of  the Banana Pi. It can convert 3.3 V electric level to 5.5V electric level. That makes the Banana Pi compatible with 5V peripherals. Modules are drawn twice a 5V Vcc and 3.3V Vcc; the module's IOs are below the 5 V level IO on the left side and below the 3 V level IO on the right side. It is connected via cable 2x 13 and the Banana Pi GPIO port.


    • Converts 3.3 V GPIO to 5 V GPIO
    • 3.3 V GPIO and 5 V GPIO classification
    • Can be used in breadboard
    • Uses a TI TXB0108 chip


    • 5 V Vcc
    • 3.3 V Vcc
    • 5 V GPIO
    • 3 V GPIO
    • Banana Pi connection port,can also be used on a Raspberry Pi

    Product parameters

    • Working voltage: 1.65 - 5.5 V
    • Drive current up to 50 mA
    • Low power consumption, 4 μA max. Icc
    • Temperature range: −40°C to +85°C operation

    Typical applications

    • Converting electric levels
    • Breadboard tests
    • DIY hands-on experiments