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    Teltonika FMB001 - Advanced Plug & Track Real-Time Tracking Term

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    Teltonika FMB001 - Advanced Plug & Track Real-Time Tracking Terminal

    FMB001 is an advanced plug and track real-time tracking terminal with GNSS and GSM and Bluetooth connectivity, which is able to collect device coordinates and other useful data including vehicle onboard computer data to transfer them via GSM network to a server. This device is perfectly suitable for applications in which location tracking of remote objects is needed: fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, personal cars and so on. FMB001 connects directly to the car OBDII connector and is able to read up to 32 vehicle onboard parameters.


    • Plug and Track
    • Small and easy to mount case – directly to car OBDII connector
    • Bluetooth transceiver fully compliant with Bluetooth specification V3.0 for external peripherals
    • Up to 32 GB micro SD memory card for up to 275 million records
    • Internal GSM antenna and Internal GNSS antenna allow mount FMB001 much easier
    • Real-time tracking
    • Smart data acquisition - based on time, distance, angle, ignition, speed and I/O events
    • Integrated scenarios:
      • Over speeding to secure driver and prevent penalties
      • Trip start and end detection
      • Jamming detection
      • Excessive Idling detection
      • Towing detection using accelerometer
    • Vehicle onboard parameters reading
    • And many more


    • 1x Digital input reserved for ignition status monitoring (depends on vehicle type)
    • Accelerometer
    • Power supply: +10 to +16 V DC
    • Integrated back-up battery
    • Internal high-gain GSM antenna
    • Internal high-gain GNSS antenna
    • Dimensions: L (50,7 mm) x W (49,6 mm) x H (25 mm)
    • 2x Status LEDs
    • Configuration and firmware upload (FOTA and via cable)


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