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    Ubiquiti Networks U-Installer - airMAX® CPE Installation Tool

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    Ubiquiti Networks U-Installer - airMAX® CPE Installation Tool

    The durable Ubiquiti® Installer should be in every WISP installer’s toolbox. The U-Installer makes installing airMAX® Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) devices easier and more efficient. Position, provision, and configure the CPE device at the point of installation using a tablet or smartphone.

    Mobile Device-Friendly Installation
    The U-Installer provides Wi-Fi connectivity to the CPE management interface during installation, so provisioning and final adjustments can be made with a tablet or smartphone.

    The U-Installer also provides 24 V PoE to the CPE, making installation easier. The Wi-Fi functionality allows the U-Installer to be used with devices that don’t support 24 V PoE.

    Accessing airOS via Wi-Fi
    The U-Installer gives you the ability to configure your CPE device through its Wi-Fi management radio and the U Mobile app. Broadcasting its own SSID, the U-Installer allows mobile devices to connect wirelessly to the same network as your CPE device. This simplifies both device discovery and configuration.

    The U Mobile app provides instant accessibility to the airOS configuration interface and can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play™ (Android). U Mobile allows you to set up, configure, and manage your CPE devices.

    Hardware Overview
    The U-Installer’s hardware features make configuring and provisioning your CPE fast and efficient.

    Powers CPE via PoE
    The U-Installer’s PoE out port conveniently supplies 24 V passive PoE to the CPE device.

    Durable Rubber Casing
    The removable rubber casing protects the U-Installer during installation.

    External PoE Reset
    Quickly reset the device connected to the U-Installer to factory defaults.

    Rubber Case Clip
    Use the clip on the back of the rubber casing to secure the U-Installer to a belt or pocket.

    Built-in Battery
    The internal battery provides up to one hour of runtime. Check the four blue LEDs on your U-Installer to verify the internal battery’s charge level.

    Rechargeable via USB
    With a USB Type-C connector, the U-Installer can be charged on the go using a mobile battery pack, simplifying installation.


    • Dimensions: 93 x 57 x 38.2 mm (3.66 x 2.24 x 1.50")
    • Processor: Atheros MIPS 74KC, 560 MHz
    • Memory: 64 MB DDR2
    • Buttons:
      • (1) Reset U-Installer
      • (1) Reset external airMAX device
      • (1) Power on/off
    • Networking interfaces:
      • (1) 10/100 Ethernet port
      • Wi-Fi
    • Ports: (1) USB-C port
    • Passive PoE output:
      • Voltage: 24 V
      • Max. Power: 12 W
    • Management interface: Wi-Fi
    • Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4 GHz
    • Wi-Fi standards: 802.11b/g/n
    • Power method:
      • Internal battery
      • USB mobile battery pack: 5 V, 3 A (not included)
    • Power supply: 5 V, 3 A
    • Supported voltage range: 4.95 - 5.05 V
    • Max. power consumption
      • U-Installer: 3 W
      • U-Installer with CPE: 15 W
    • LEDs
      • (1) Wi-Fi
      • (4) Battery
    • ESD/EMP protection: 24 kV contact/air
    • Operating temperature: 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
    • Operating humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, IC


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