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    PATCHBOX Plus+ UTP Cassette Black, 3 pcs.

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    PATCHBOX Plus+ UTP Cassette Black, 3 pcs.

    The PATCHBOX® Plus+ UTP is the state of the art cable management system; fast, neat and installed in seconds. It replaces conventional cable management and patch cords completely with an all-in-one solution.

    The PATCHBOX® Plus+ UTP with its retractable cables provides the user with the exact cable length needed. No more overly long cables, creating a cabinet full of cable spaghetti. Installation time is dramatically reduced and due to the clean setup, maintenance can be done remotely further reducing costs.

    Product features

    • Cable: Up to 1.7 m extractable patch cord, 100% tested
    • Cassettes: With clip in frame function
    • Cable stopper: Keep the cable in the extracted length
    • Labeling: Directly label the cassettes (i.e. panel A13)
    • Easy swapping: Easily change cassettes
    • Tool less: No tools needed at all
    • Cable storage: Store unused patch cords right within the cabinet

    Items included

    • 3x cassettes with Cat. 6 UTP patch cords
    • Dsvc


    • Cable: Cat. 6 UTP (unshielded), 250 MHz, AWG32, 100% stranded copper, PVC jacket, 10 GBit ready
    • Connector: RJ45 unshielded plug, pins gold plated, snagless booted
    • Cable length: 2.0 m
    • Extractable cable length: 1.7 m (covers 23 HU)
    • Cassette profiles: Stainless steel, laser-welded
    • All plastic parts: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
    • Mounting rails: Stainless steel, 500 to 850 mm from 19" rail to 19" rail
    • Operating temperature range: +10°C to +45°C
    • Ambient humidity (non-condensing): 10% to 95%

    Packaging dimensions

    • Depth: 693 mm
    • Height: 47 mm
    • Width: 65 mm
    • Weight: 1.05 kg

    Product complies with RoHS and CE, manufactured in the EU.