PC Engines APU1D Starter Kit (Board, Power Source)

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mSATA modules
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Wi-Fi kit

Product Description

PC Engines APU 1D System Board, 1 GHz, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 3x LAN, Starter Kit

The successor to the succesful ALIX board combines the previous functionality of ALIX.2D13 and ALIX.6F2 in a single board with more computing power, more processing power and faster data storage. The new board is suitable for a lot more tasks and applications.

The PC Engines APU System Board is based on the cost effective AMD Embedded G-Series Single Board Computer (SBC) for a lot of applications like LAN Router, Firewalls, Load Balancer, VPN-Router, Thin Clients, compact Server, NAS...

The system can boot via SD card, USB device, mSATA SSD module, SATA connection or over the network. The AMD Dual-Core has got a 1 GHz clock and 2 GB of RAM and a low power consumption.

The APU.1D Starter kit includes:

  • APU.1D
  • Power supply


  • Processor: 1,0 GHz AMD
    Embedded G-Series T40E APU (dual-core, 64 bit support, 32 + 32 KByte L1
    cache, 2 x 512 KByte L2 cache, SSE1, 2, 3, SSSE3 ISA, SSE4A, MMX, AMD-V)
  • 2 GByte DDR3-1066 DRAM memory (not expandable)
  • 1x SD card (bootable, connected via USB)
  • 1x SATA 6 GBit/s
  • 1x mSATA 6 GBit/s
  • 3x 10/100/1000 MBit/s (Realtek RTL8111E) network port
  • 1x 9-pin serial port (console port)
  • 2x Mini PCIe slots (for example for WiFI, GSM/UMTS/LTE modules)
  • 1x SIM socket for GSM/UMTS modules
  • RTC battery, GPIO pins, LPC pins, COM2 port (3,3V RxD/TxD), onboard USB connector
  • 3 LEDs and 1 pushbutton switch on the front side (programmable)
  • CoreBoot Open Source System BIOS with support for iPXE and USB boot
  • Power supply: +12 V DC via cannon plug (external: 5.5 mm, inner: 2.5 mm, positive pole on the inside)
  • Power consumption: 6-12 W (without expansion cards)
  • Dimensions: 152.4 x 152.4 mm


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