Meteohub Ready System with VGA, ALIX3

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Product Description

Meteohub Server - The Energy-Saving Weather Server
Ready system with VGA and pre-installed Meteohub software with or without licence

Meteohub is a miniaturized weather server, that:

  • records weather data from your weather station
  • evaluates this data
  • draws user defined weather graphs and uploads these via FTP to a web server
  • can upload weather data to Internet weather networks and
  • can export recorded weather data in WSWIN or WD format

Meteohub supports a wide range of weather stations. It records their data continuously and transmits the information to the Internet, no need to turn on your PC. Do the environment and your energy bill a favor, let Meteohub do the weather server work instead of your power-hungry PC!

Meteohub supports these weather stations:

  • Oregon Scientific: WMR-918N, WMR-928(NX), WMR-968, WMR-100, WMR-200, WMRS-200, RMS-300, WMR-88
  • Davis: Vantage 2 pro, Vantage 1 pro (needs Firmware "B") via RS232, USB and TCP/IP
  • Peet Bros: Ultimeter 100/800/2000/2100
  • Hideki: TE-923 (needs HW-Revision 3 or newer), TE-821W, WXR810, DV-928 (also known as Nexus, Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Cresta)
  • Fine Offset Electronics: WH-1080, WH-1081 (also known as Watson W-8681, WX-2008, National Geographic 265 NE, Elecsa 6975/ 6976)
  • RFXCOM: all Oregon Receivers with USB (80002), LAN (81003, 83003) or WLAN (82003, 84003)

The Meteohub software is running on an energy-saving ALIX.3 system so the power input averages 5 watts at maximum (measured power input at the primary circuit of the power supply). Therefore the environmental pollution is kept at a minimum. Meteohub can record your weather data nonstop so you do not have to accept high power and environmental costs. The system is fanless, passively cooled and extremely small.

Additionally, the system can be extended with WLAN and/or weatherproof outdoor enclosures. So you are able to use it even in difficult or cramped locations.

Meteohub is 100% silent thanks to the fact that CF cards are used rather than hard disks.

Meteohub works completely browser-based. To configure or control Meteohub you do not have to plug in a keyboard or monitor to the Meteohub server. Meteohub only has to be connected with your router. For that you can use a LAN cable or a WLAN connection and you will be able to access Meteohub with your browser, either from your PC/Laptop at home or from an internet café on the way.

Scope of delivery:

  • Server system
  • Pre-installed Meteohub software
  • 12 V power supply
  • Network cable (1 m)
  • Enclosure


    • CPU: 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 (ALIX.3D3 Mainboard)
    • DRAM: 256 MB DDR DRAM
    • Storage: CompactFlash socket
    • Power: DC jack or passive POE, min. 7 V to max. 20 V, three LEDs
    • Expansion: 2 miniPCI slots, LPC bus
    • Connectivity: 1 Ethernet channel (Via VT6105M 10/100)
    • I/O: DB9 serial port, dual USB, VGA, audio headphone out / microphone in, RTC battery
    • Board size: 100 x 160 mm
    • BIOS: AwardBIOS
    • 4 GB Transcend Industrial CompactFlash Card TS4GCF170


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