Pigtail Type N Female to MMCX Male Connector, 18 cm

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Product Description

Pigtail MMCX Male to Type N Female Connector


With an outer diameter of 5.4 mm, the low loss LLC100 is in thickness comparable to the RG58 cable. However, this high-frequency cable is characterized by an extremely low attenuation of 50 dB/100 m at 2.4 GHz. Like most coaxial cables for high-frequency technology, the LLC100 also has an impedance of 50 ohms and an inner conductor in the form of a stranded wire. The dielectric of this high-quality RF cable is made of PE. As a RF connector you can use type N connectors, SMA connectors and TNC connectors.


  • Connectors: MMCX Male to Type N Female Connector
  • Cable length: 18 cm
  • Cable type: HDF100 low loss cable (1,7 dB per meter)
  • RoHS compliant
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